Zap Cap Bottle OpenerWelcome!

This site is dedicated to fans of Japanese bottle openers. If you’re not sure what a japanese bottle opener is, it’s a small bottle opener that you push down to magically pop open your favorite beverage. A magnet on the bottle opener holds the cap after removal.

Japanese bottle openers are also known as Sentol bottle openers (as featured on Digg), push-pop, be open, and zap cap bottle openers. The one I currently own is a ZapCap, made by Cellardine. I own the white one that says “World’s Greatest Bottle Opener.” This is the most common zap cap. The stainless steel one looks good but is harder to find in the US. It’s usually sold in the UK.

Digg Nation

I think Japanese bottle openers really got popular when they were featured on Digg Nation. A fan sent one into Kevin and Alex and they loved it! The following video shows Kevin and Alex with a sentol bottle opener.


Different Types of Japanese Bottle Openers

The original Sentol bottle opener is made in Japan and is hard to come by. If you want to purchase a similar bottle opener, you’re in luck, because there a quite a few out there now:

1. Sentol Bottle Opener

Sentol bottle openers are made in Japan and are the highest quality of the plastic push down openers. You can always tell if it is an original Sentol opener because the patent stamp is imprinted under the lower lip of the opener. Bottlepal.com offers the best pricing for these Sentol openers.

2. Zap Cap

The Zap Cap is made in white plastic, which says “World’s Greatest Bottle Opener.” They also have a stainless steel edition and black “special edition”. Of all the openers, I think these look the best. They work well on *most* bottle but not on some long necks. They’re made in the UK by a company called Cellardine.

3. BottlePal

The BottlePal is sold in clear red or white plastic. A demonstration video is below: